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Spotify on Android TV (Philips)

Spotify on Android TV (Philips)

Hi guys,


I just downloaded Spotify for my Philips Pus7101/12 Android TV, but it doesnt work properly. Everytime i start a new song, the song immediately pauses and stops playing. Once in a while a song will play, but 90% of the time songs just keep pausing themselves before the songs even starts! This also happends when I try to use Spotify Connect from my Mac and iPhone. This has now made Spotify unusable.

I have already tried restarting my TV, deleted the app from the TV and downloaded it again a number of times, and my internet connection is good so it isn't the internet speed. When i play Spotify from my Macbook or my iPhone it all still runs smoothly, but just not on the Android TV!


Plz help!

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Exact same problem on my Sony TV using Android. The app is near useless. No problems whatsoever on my Mac or iOS devices. 


Can anyone help?

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