Spotify on Denon AVR-3133

Spotify on Denon AVR-3133



On my Denon 3133 I can stream from my DLNA server or listen to internet radio just fine. Also I can log into my premium spotify account without problems. Once there I can find all my playlists. That's where the joy stops unfortunately. When I click on the playlists they are all empty usually. Sometimes they display some of the songs inside, but when I try to listen to a song I always get the error ' track not found', regardless of the track. I have not been able to listen to a single track yet.


The same with the search function, it sometimes lists some songs (usually I get ' empty'). But I can never play them, always i get the track not found error. 


I have the latest firmware.


Maybe someone here can help me? Is there something I can try? I already routed port 4070 to my Denon receiver and changed my password. What i can't do is enable upnp because then my Denon crashes my router. So I have to manually add everything I need. Which I guess I did because I can log in and see my playlists? Or does spotify use a different port for displaying the playlist, audio streaming than logging in?



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