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Spotify on Galaxy watch offline not working

Spotify on Galaxy watch offline not working




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Hi I have issues when I download any playlist to the watch to listen offline, right after the download is playing offline fine..but the next day is playing offline playlist not working. I even tried to connect the watch to wifi, charge and open the Spotify. I have to delete the playlist and download again and I can listen the offline playlist, but the next day is not working again and I have to delete and download again..very there any update to tizen coming? The hasn't been update many months... Thank you


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Hey there @Roxtedy169!


Thanks for getting in touch with us and welcome to the Community!


Could you start off by reinstalling the app on your phone and your watch?


We'd also recommend following the steps from this thread to see if that makes a difference for you.


We'll be on the lookout for your update. Give us a shout if you have any further questions.

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Hi Elena,
I have done reinstated the Spotify. But I will fallow you...after I have reinstated Spotify, I had to connect the watches to phone, there is no way to fill my login. But after I had connected phone thrue Bluetooth, my account appeard in the Spotify app on watches.. If I understand the guide that you sent my...I have to disconnect watches from mobile, go online, download the music and go offline and listen.. that's least today..I will brief you tomorrow... I downloaded playlist from Spotify work out and I think there is problem when you change the playlist, the mobile app can not handle this and freezes..but I will let you know.. thank you


After 2 days I disconnect the watches from phone, connected watches to WiFi, set Spotify to offline off and Spotify can not connected to any mathers if playlist is downloaded or not...please fix this online/offline bug. Thank you

Hi, could you please give me some feedback? The Spotify app is not working any new update coming for galaxy watch? Did you tried Spotify offline mode?

Same issue in Australia - the latest version of Spotify on Samsung gear seems to be buggy. 


The previous version worked fine however with the latest update I am no longer able to open my playlists or download songs offline without the app crashing and forcing me back to the 'your music' directory. 


Playlists have been removed to the minimum on my account as they were not all loading, watch has been reset to factory settings and latest version of firmware installed. Nothing has helped. 


On a side note the cover images for the playlists on the latest version makes the playlists hard to navigate. It was easier and simpler with plain text. 

I have the same issue as well. i got the watch to listen to music on my runs and not have to carry my phone, but oh well, spotify never works the way it's supposed to

Hey there @Roxtedy169, @angryarchitet and @aabuasad


Thank you for reaching out.


@Roxtedy169 - We would appreciate if you could let us know what version of the Spotify app you're on.


@angryarchitet and @aabuasad - Can you confirm if you followed these steps that were provided by @Elena in her reply above?


It would also be great if you could have a look at this article on our support page.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply. We're here to help 🙂



  1. Peter,


This is an issue limited to the latest version of the spotify app on the Samsung gear platform. was installed and was/is buggy. Whether this is due to the reduced ram on older watches or incompatibilities I am unsure. The work around's in your post do not really apply in this situation. 


The only thing I can confirm is that the previous version worked and the lastest does not and crashes constantly, particularly when saving playlists for offline use.  The app has been uninstalled and reinstalled, watch reset and is still unusable. 



Not just Samsung Gear, I have the same problem with an Active 2. The app has ALWAYS prefered streaming over offline. Even though the tracks are saved on the watch, it streams the music if it has the possibility being connected to either WiFi, LTE or Bluetooth. You noticed this as everytime the watch lost WiFi or BT-connection, the music paused for a couple of seconds before the app realized that the music is also available offline and continued to play.

Now on the latest update of the app it just forgets about having the music offline altogether. The app just says "Unable to play. Please check your connection"

The Spotify app for Tizen is a disaster and has been from day one... No version of this app has worked correctly... Especially with regards to offline playback... Just read the reviews on Samsung's Galaxy store for apps... I think it has a 1.5 star rating with most users giving it either 0.5 star or 1 star...


The layout of the app UI is poor and badly needs an overhaul...


Given the amount of marketing material Samsung made about the Spotify app for its wearables its no exaggeration to say that there would be a case for misleading advertising from Samsung in relation to this...


I think the fault lies with both Samsung and Spotify... Spotify have clearly favoured streaming over downloading with this app and have made downloading so restrictive as to essentially block it... Maybe it was a requirement from Samsung that Spotify didn't want to deliver on... The implementation of downloading is so poor that it feels like it was done by design than by accident... After all Spotify's apps on Wear OS and Fibit OS only allow either to control the playback of the Spotify content playing on your phone or streaming through the watch... Neither app allows downloading... Hence I think the fact that downloading is so restricted on Samsung's wearables as to essentially be pointless was Spotify's decision... 


The bottom line is that the app is so bad that it is almost unusable... I'm hoping that Deezer will make an app for Samsung's Tizen OS so there is at least one decent option available... Deezer is a decent streaming service and arguably better than Spotify in a lot of ways...

I found that if you turn on offline mode right after you've downloaded your songs it works fine. After a day or two you can go online again and the app still remembers your songs, that worked for me anyway!

But yes, the app is still badly designed and full of bugs.

1: You don't see the name of your playlists, you only see the album-arts making it hard to find a certain playlist.

2: You can only scroll through 40 of your playlists. After 20 the app has to load 20 more, and after 40 it just hangs and goes back to main menu

3: No separate section for podcasts

4: I've heard that the app can only make use of 4gb. So if you've used up like 3.7gb/8gb on galaxy watch 3 and tries to download a 400mb playlist the app says there's not enough space

5: When used in standalone mode, the app still shows the song being played on your phone, but you still cant skip tracks etc from the watch. It would be nice if spotify connect worked on the watch!

But hey, at least spotify have given us an app and offline-capabilities, although full of bugs. You cant say the same about any other streaming service

Exactly what I am experiencing. I bought the watch to listen to music in the gym without carrying my phone around - but the app crashes constantly on playlists and trying to download. 😞

Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts.


Could you confirm if you followed the steps that was provided by @Elena and @Peter?


We're always aiming to improve our features.


Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. 

We'll keep an eye out for replies in this thread.



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Yes and yes. 


As mentioned in my previous message. The app used to work (albiet with some troubles) however since the latest update it has become unusable. 


Searching playlists is buggy, unable to download and general poor usability.


Hey @angryarchitet,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


Would you mind trying to log in with another account - such as a friend's or a family member's and connect to your watch to see if the issue persists? It'll help us quickly assess if there are any issues specifically with your account.


Also - can you try to download the music offline with another internet connection?


Keep us posted.



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Tried. No success.

Confirming the same issue is encountered.


The app crashes trying to access playlists and is unable to download anything. No songs can be downloaded due to the force closing. 


Again I must stress - while the last version of this app worked (with issues) the new version released this year does not. Potentially it is resource heavy with the inclusion of album art? Causing the watch to run out of memory? Or it's just badly coded? 


At this point saying goodbye to spotify and just  ripping some mp3s and side loading to the watch is the best and easiest option to play some songs while running. 

I also have the same problem and it is incredibly frustrating. I only bought the watch because of the spotify offline function and by now it is basically unusable. I have followed all the steps suggested and it is still not working. Obviously the app is buggy by design. Spotify and Samsung need to fix that asap.

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