Spotify on Google Watch, Downloaded Podcasts not showing in offline mode.

Spotify on Google Watch, Downloaded Podcasts not showing in offline mode.

I manually download episodes of several podcasts to my google watch's Spotify app, after going into offline mode/away from my phone, my downloaded list of episodes prompts an error before refreshing and only shows one of the several downloaded podcasts.

I know it had successfully downloaded more than the one podcast it's showing, why does it refuse to sync that information properly unless directly connected to my phone, why is only one podcast registering as available?

Reinstalling the app/episodes does not fix the issue, it continues to persist regardless of those factors.
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On your Apple Watch (and depending on the model) you can download up to 100 tracks or up to 10 hours of content to listen offline without your phone. Since the content you're downloading to your watch is podcast episodes and these have a longer duration than a regular song, it can reach the 10 hours more easily.


Taking this into account, we'd first recommend checking if the episodes you have downloaded have already reached the 10 hour limit. If so, that could explain why the other episodes are not shown to be played. In this case, we'd suggest deleting some of the older podcasts you've already listened to in order to free up some offline space.


Also, make sure you have the latest update on your watch to avoid any wrong behavior.


Hope this helps. If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to ask.

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I'm not sure if this is an automatic response, but my watch is NOT an apple watch, and nowhere on the watch's FQA or Spotifys FQA does it list the watch having a song/podcast download limit. The fact of the matter is that currently, I have 300+ songs downloaded already and actively prune my listened podcast episodes so as to not have unnecessary wasted space. I actively have several podcasts worth of recent episodes downloaded with only one out of those several podcasts being listed in offline mode, note that I say they already are downloaded to my watch regardless of any limits implied by another watch manufacturer. They are downloaded, why won't they show on my downloads in offline mode, they'll still play if I start them while still connected to my phone and walk away to the point of it disconnecting, but why will they immediately de-list if I reopen the app? 


(and yes, everything and every relevant app is already updated) 

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