Spotify on Onkyo support discontinued


Spotify on Onkyo support discontinued

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Hi Everybody, 


Not really sure if this is the right sub catagory for this post. Today I received the following message from Spotify Netherlands: 


We want to let you know that Spotify is no longer supported for your Onkyo speaker.

We want to make Spotify play on your speaker and other devices as easy and as possible. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes we need to stop the integration for certain devices.

If you want to continue playing music on your Onkyo speaker, we recommend you a wireless music streamer. This allows you to play music on your speakers via Spotify on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Click below for a list of music streams with Spotify support, to keep enjoying music on your speakers.

Do not stop the music!



I have a Onkyo TX-NR809 which I am using in combination with spotify. Which works great, you just search the songs and it plays via the Onkyo App. Spotify app does not recognize the device via WIFI (don't know why they don't just support DNLA) so the only option to stream spotify is via the Onkyo. Now they the e-mails states they are discontinuing service. I bought this receiver to play spotify at home. 

  1. Can they just stop this service?
  2. Is there a workaround? (And I do not mean buy additional devices)

Anyhow, I am not happy with this and was wondering if there are any other unhappy customers out there?


Greetings Melvin.

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Did you login to spotify on the Onkyo first? My Onkyo wont accept my

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No. There is no way for me to sign in on Spotify on my Onkyo.


As i understand it, it's nothing to do with Onkyo but Spotify. There are a raft of deveices no longer supported by Spotify connect due to obselete (in Spotify's view) interfaces, libraries and technologies.


I just had to replace my Squeezebox with an new streamer just down to this. Dont blame Onkyo 🙂 

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@Ronnoboy wrote:
What I don't get is why music services make it so difficult to play the music on your stereo. That is the designated device to play music on (not your computer or your phone).
No kidding!  People invest major bucks in their hi-fi systems, and want premium sound.  Beaming it from my phone via Bluetooth often results in low quality.  The Spotify app on my receiver provides the premium sound, but now I can't log in!
I posted the question in another area here, and am awaiting a solution.


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Dear all,


Today I updated the firmware on my Onkyo TRX-NR656. Guess what? Can connect all my devices to my receiver again: MacBook, iPhones, and iPads. Hope it will work for you guys as well!

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I performed a firmware update on my Onkyo TX-NR717, and it now works perfectly with Spotify and SeriusXM as well. Spotify was my main concern, because that's the one I listen to. Using Bluetooth wasn't acceptable because there is a definite loss in quality.


I'm happy! 

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Update... No new updates.


Amp works otherwise. Still feels like built in obsolescence.



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Spotify connect doesn‘t play properly on my onkyo tx nr646. I‘m really **bleep** of and will end my subscription as soon as possible. Horrible support from spotify!


I found out that the problem is in newer version of Spotify app that stopped communicating with Onkyo receivers. On one of may tablets which I left without updates I still have an app that is working despite all other apps don't.

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Maybe you're right! On my iPad it's not working properly. But with my Android-Phone I haven't noticed any loss of connection. So please spotify, do your job and fix this awful problem.