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Spotify on PS4 skipping songs instead of playing it bug!

Spotify on PS4 skipping songs instead of playing it bug!

Everytime I click play on a song in my playlist, it would then skip the song. I would have to keep tapping "X" until it finally plays, or I would try to go to the previous song and back. Uninstall to reinstall doesn't work nor does logging in and out. I am a premium user and this problem has been persisting for quite some time, this is making me want to unsubscribe due to this horrible service.
Please fix it

2 Replies

I can relate, I'm having the exact same problem. The PS4 app is the only reason I have Spotify, as I also have Apple Music that I'm using much more often at the moment.

I e-mailed them about this issue and all they pretty much said was: "We are working on this problem so we are not able to fix this issue right now."

So unfortunate.

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