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Spotify on Playstation

Spotify on Playstation

Hello everybody!


I have a problem with my spotify app on my PS4.

Everytime i want to start a song/ playlist on my PS4, the song stops immedately. Spotify is not playing any song unless i start the song/ playlist thought other devices. Indeed it just starts using the "next song" button!

As a free user there was not a problem. It started after upgrading to Premium. I tried to deinstall the app and to log ou an din again but that was not helpful.

Please help.





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Do you have the same issue playing music on your PS4 through Spotify Connect? If so, can you try logging in with a different account?


Keep us posted.



yes i had the same problem with spotify connect. There was not any problem with another free Acount.


Sorry for posting that late.

Thanks for help.

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