Spotify on Raumfeld by Teufel

Spotify on Raumfeld by Teufel



there's an awesome Berlin-based speaker-manufacturer (Teufel) and they have a pretty decent Streaming-Line called Raumfeld. I heard you are in negotiations about getting on board - true, not true, timeframe?





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would order spotify premium subscription immediately as soon as raumfeld releases spotify support!

Any replies so far? Would buy Raumld but only if they have a Deal with Spotity. Petr

..yeeeees.. Wolud buy teufel with spotify support.

please make it happen! i own a raumfeld system and i would love to use it for my spotify playlists


I haven't actually heard these rumours before (ironically, the top google search seems to actually be this thread). It's certainly an interesting idea, and we love interesting ideas. Speaking of which, I'd recommend popping this over onto our Ideas board - We can track the most popular ideas here on this section, via our "Kudos" system, and pass these ideas onto our team of top men.

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As suggested I have created a post on the ideas board: Spotify on Raumfeld by Teufel


Please vote!

Yesterday, "Raumfeld Support" mailed me that they are currently investigating the implementation of Spotify. They were not able to give me a date when it will be implemented. Hope it will come with one of the next updates.

Update on this?

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