Spotify on Samsung TV - feature request: keyboard support

Spotify on Samsung TV - feature request: keyboard support




Just got the Spotify app on my EH5300.  Good new is it looks good, performs well and so far seems stable.


I have a keyboard connected to my TV using the Tv's built in keyboard support (Logitech K400 if anyones wondering).


This works with a number of the apps built into the Smart Hub including the built in web browser  but on apps that have implemented on screen keyboard input using the smart hubs built in on screen keyboard.  None that use their own on screen keyboards such as Spotify work.  Frankly I don't mind how it's done but it would be nice to be able to type the name of a song or artist I am looking for.



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This is worth putting in our Ideas section here.


Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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I was plesantly surprised to se Spotify on my 8005 and rushed to get the orignial and expensive  keyboard (because it's a drag to use the arrows to type in the names of songs/artist). Seems like the app is not supporting the keyboard.


Result: I do not use the app.

A shame.


Is this on your list?




J. Kopren

I also am excited to see Spotify on my Samsung TV but very dissapointed at the no keyboard support. Surely this is a major oversight by both Spotify and Samsung?


I was also proper excited to see Spotify on my Samsung TV, however being limited to the on screen keyboard has let me down quite a bit. I decided to just go for it today and order a keyboard however after reading it's down to the individual app developers to add support for a keyboard I'm a tad sad. Is there any plan of future support?


Dear all,


I agree that the Samsung Smart TV app isn't really great 😕

Whilst adding support for the native keyboard support would really help, implementing Spotify Connect makes it easier for us to navigate and play the music we want, even without a keyboard but instead simply using your phone or computer.


I have created an 'Idea Submission'  to cover this issue. It will need at least 50 kudos per year to stay alive. I hope you all out there who want this future can take the time to vote for this idea!


Implement Spotify Connect for Samsung Smart TV [Status: New Suggestion]


Thanks for sending out your Kudos 😄


Please note that you need to click on the link above and give Kudos over there, giving kudos here doesn't help our issue forward 😉

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