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Spotify on Sonos App on IPhone problematic change

Spotify on Sonos App on IPhone problematic change

I noticed a few weeks ago that when I am using Spotify through the Sonos App on my IPhone that a band’s album results are now mixed with the their “appears on” results. This makes it impossible to distinguish whole albums by a band from compilations a band may have only 1 song on.


Good examples of this would be Radiohead and Exodus.


This makes it annoying to scroll through the comps to find the true albums for bands a user knows and makes it super annoying if it’s a band that a user is discovering.


Since the main reason I pay for Premium Spotify is to play through Sonos, I am really unhappy with this change. I find it nearly unusable and find myself using Google Play through Sonos more now.


I am wondering what caused the change and would like to request that it be changed back to show true albums first and then follow that with the “appears on” results rather than blending them.


I already pursued this with Sonos and they claim the change was made at the source which is Spotify. Hence my post here.


I am afraid if the blended results through Sonos becomes the new normal, I may have to cancel my Spotify subscription and just go with one of your competitors that offer cleaner album listings.

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