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Spotify on Sonos and lyrics on TV

Spotify on Sonos and lyrics on TV

Hello guys,


is it possible to use my Sonos Soundsystem to play music from spotify while streaming the lyrics via chromecast (or anything other) to my running TV ? This would be very nice for all partys!


With best regards from germany,


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I have been looking for these features for more than a year but it just does not exist. There is an add-on service for Spotify but it does not work if you listen to spotify streams using Sonos. If someone is going to surface in this forum yelling at me that I was wrong, for once I would be happy instead of ashamed...


Regards to Germany, I am located South of you still north of the Alps. Have a good week and keep me posted in case you find a solution. Thanks.



The best I could come up with is Musixmatch with Apple TV mirroring...couldn't figure out how to do via Chromecast or FireTv...Any new suggestions?

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