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Spotify on Squeezebox Touch

Spotify on Squeezebox Touch

I have a Squeezebox Classic that works fine, but plan to buy the Squeezebox Touch just to be able to listen to Spotify through it. But then I see somewhere that the Spotify application only is available if I have Spotify premium. Since I don't have a smartphone or other device that can use the offline feature, I use Spotify Unlimited. Does this mean that I won't be able to stream Spotify over a Squeezebox Touch???

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Hi Medimus,


Yes--in order to use Spotify on any partner device (Squeezebox, Sonos, Onkyo, WD, Boxee Box or TiVo system) a Premium subscription is required. 


You can upgrade your Unlimited account easily from your subscription page


I was told by tech support at Logitech that the Squeezebox Touch music player (like Sonus) can no longer play Spotify or Pandora. In short, that means that I cannot listen to Spotify or Pandora on my music system. I'm about to cancel my Spotify subscription unless hear from someone that Spotify intends to do something about this. I can keep Pandora because it plays on my Panasonic-Blu Ray-Internet device. 

HI Hhertz- Do you mind giving us a bit more information about the tech support you receieved?


Spotify can be used with either the Squeezebox Touch or the Squeezebox Radio. As you currently have Premium account, you should be able to use your Squeezebox by signing in with your 'hhertz' username and Spotify password. 

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