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Spotify on Squeezebox - empty playlists or no playlists, 502 gateway errors

Spotify on Squeezebox - empty playlists or no playlists, 502 gateway errors

I have Spotify premium.  I have been running it sucessfully on my Logitech Squeezebox Radio (LSR) for a least a year.  Last week Spotify stopped working on the LSR.  Spotify works fine on my other devices (PC and Iphone).  The LSR works fine for other apps (Pandora).


I am seeing several errors:


1)  The playlist(s) is empty on the LSR or

2)  The playlist(s) doesn't exist on the LSR or

3). When I select the playlist, I get "502 Bad Gateway"


The same playlist may exhibit one error, then another later.


I can sometimes get the LSR to play a Spotify playlist if initiate it with Remote Control from my Squeezebox account on the internet.  Other playlists will have errors and not play.


I have rebooted the LSR and have re-installed the Spotify app on the LSR.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Not sure why, but on a number of these issues people have reported changing your Spotify password corrects it.

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Thank you for the suggestion, but I am still getting the errors.

I just started having this problem as well after years of very few problems. Have tried re-installing Spotify numerous times and on with no sucess. Works fine on my PC but not on my SBT. No problems with any other apps including Pandora.

Very frustrating.

Same problem for me.


Spotify premium account - using 3 SB radios and one SB touch.


First couple of days all playlists on my squeezebox touch and radio were empty (Error Bad Gateway 502).

New playlists (created in the spotify app) would not be synchronized to the SB devices.


Then (noticed it today) all playlists disappeared on the SB devices.


Any update ?


I am only using spotify through the squeezeboxes - if this does not work I have to cancel my registration.

Same goes for me!

I now have Spotify working great. On the Logitech Media Server under "Plugins" I unchecked the Spotify Plugin 1.0 from Logitech and activated the 3rd party plugin (Spotify v2.3.7 from Trode) and clicked on "apply" on the bottom right side of the page. Then go to and uninstall Spotify there. Then go back to the Logitech Media Server and go to "advanced" click on "formatting" bringing up all the options. Spotify should be the last option, click on it to configure and test Spotify. Spotify should now work great through the server although will no longer be avaliable through so the Logitech server must be on to play Spotify.

I hope this helps everyone that has not tried this option already.. Good Luck!

I have upgraded squeezebox firmware to ue smartradio. My playlists wont show... Running a dedicated squeezebox server is unfortunately not an option.



Will have to opt out from spotify premium until this issue is fixed.

Same problem, very frustrating 😞

Additional Information: 

- with public lists I have no problems

- with my private playlists I have "502 Bad Gateway"


No one from the Spofify can fix the problem???



I had opened a ticket on 07.07 (5 days ago) about this subject at the spotify support.

Reaction was very quick and friendly but so far with no results.


I have read a bit through the different forums in the meantime and it is hard not to be discouraged by that.

So for now I have cancelled my premium subscription and will see if the support can solve the issue before it runs out.


If not - I will have a go with WIMP......

It would be nice to get an official response from spotify that states that they are trying to solve the issue. As of now, I am paying for nothing.

Today I have tried it again:

- Delete App from Squeezebox (with myqueezebox)

- Set a new Device Passwort (

- Install App an configure User and Password


IT WORKS! The question is how long ...


E-mail Support from Spotify was bad (only standard suggestion, no reference to community)

I cannot find a page that even mentions device password. When I try to follow the link you provided I only get to Edit Profile where no device password is mentioned.


I tried to change account password but not even that works... It says e-mail is already in use. Incredibly stupid. Of course it is already in use... by ME!


I've enjoyed spotify for a long time but now I'm getting very frustrated.

There is something weired:


If I start the Spotify app no playlists show. If I then go back and start the app directly again then the playlists are shown. But if I click on one of them it give the 502 error.


But still: I can search and play any (public) playlist I want.


P.S.: Would be nice if someone merges this thread with this one

Interestingly the Spotify Top 100 Playlist and some others are playable... But any album playlist is not... Very weired.

Update: Spotify support has given up on my case.

But to be honest with you I did not get the impression that they really tried hard.


The only thing they did is ruling out that I was completely clueless.

(Does your SB have internet access, can you play music through spotify at all, can you restart/reset the SB).

As this did not solve it, the only idea they came up with was to temporarily delete all my newer playlists (probably based on the assumption that the problem started when I created a newer playlist).


Also this did not change anything ( additionally I did a complete re-install of LMS including deletion or the preferences and cache files and installed Spotify again, changed my spotify password ...).they said that they cannot help me and gave me one month free for the premium subscription and told me to go to Logitech to have this solved....

Now this is weird.


Yesterday I tried once more with the logitech spotify app (official one).

Same as the last couple of days - no playlists displayed at all.


This morning - I don't know why - I looked back into it and - boom - all playlists back.

Some still have the 502 Gateway error but most can be played back.


Anyone still claiming that this is not caused by spotify - please stand up.


Again - no change in LMS between yesterday and today !!

Whatever you are doing there at spotify - please stop it !

Have you tried playing playlists from artists (=albums) as well? Cause they do not work for me. At least the ones that I had already "playlisted". If I search for them and try to play, everything is fine.



It is working again for me. I did not change anything...

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