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Spotify on Windows Phone 10


Spotify on Windows Phone 10

 Just to let you know: Spotify on WP10 is a bit a mess. It starts, but you dont see contents of playlists and you can't sync them offline. BUT (for those of you to try the new OS), you CAN play the lists! Hitting the shuffel button will - eventually - really start playback. It might take some time (really extended time), but in most cases it works...


I've posted it also on Windows Feedback, let's see who is going to fix it.


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Hey, cool guys!!! The new update fixes all (as far as I can see) issues!!!


Kudus to the devs!!!!!

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Spotify update!!!

Great guys by fixing bugs on an unsupported OS!

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Hi Spotify Community,


I recently switched from Groove Music to Spotify, but the spotify app does not work...pretty much at all...on my Windows 10 mobile Lumia 950. When I try to play music, it just keeps showing "Loading...".


Appreciate any help,


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I am also looking for a solution on WP


It used to work well on my lumia but now since about 3 weeks sometimes it just stops to play the music. also it doesnt sycn / download the music so i can listen to it when i am travelling ( which i do quite a lot ! >< )....also if i hit the start button on WP the music also stops. like its only playing when im on the spotify app itself. i hope you can do something against it. considering were paying for something which doesnt work well....

I have the same problem. Also the bar at the bottom showing whats playing is missing 😛 Dont hate on Spotify for the app not working on a PREVIEW OS. They havent had time to fix it. I'm sure they are doing the best thay can!

BUG ????


No Windows Phone 10 Preview o Spotify versão 5.0.5491.5995 não esta apresentando o nome das músicas nas play lists.  [ Lumia 630 Dual Chip ].



Windows Phone 10 Preview Spotify version 5.0.5491.5995 is not showing the name of the songs in the play lists . [ Lumia 630 Dual SIM ]





Sergio Farias

I have the same problem, spotify is loading, and loading, and loading.........


I tryed Spotify in Lumia 520 mounths ago and everything was ok, slow but ok, now with Lumia 635 (quad-core, same 512MB RAM) Spotify is always loading and i can't hear anything, no playlist, no albums, no singers.......nothing. This problem is with Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 10, so, the problem is the app, not the OS.



No meu Lumia 630 Dual o Spotify funcionava no Windows Phone 8.1, estava lento mesmo mais funcionava...



In my Lumia 630 Dual Spotify worked on Windows Phone 8.1, was slow even more work ...

Sergio Farias

Enviei um comentario sobre isto para o suporte do Spotify, gostaria de solicitar aos amigos que façam o mesmo para que a solução seja verificada mais rápido.



I sent a comment about this for Spotify support, I would ask friends to do the same for the solution to be found faster.

Sergio Farias

I didnt have a problem with Spotify   on my 920 before I updated to W10TP ( Phone is not really supported). It started after I updated.

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Hey, cool guys!!! The new update fixes all (as far as I can see) issues!!!


Kudus to the devs!!!!!

WP update or Spotify update?

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Spotify update!!!

Great guys by fixing bugs on an unsupported OS!


Perfect was released an update in the store that fixes reported problems of Spotify on Windows Phone 10.

Sérgio Farias.
Sergio Farias

I have a Lumia 950 and still have a not working Spotify app.

It only heatens my phone and it is almost impossible to play music.

Time to switch to or Dezeer (Universal app) or Tidal (Unofficial but a very good WP10 app)

A crying shame!

I also got the Lumia 950 and thought I can be lucky to live without Android finally. But Spotify - clearly my most important app on my phone - does not work at all. Have never seen such a bad app. Can I wait for an update or do I go back to Android?

When will Spotify on Windows 10 Mobile become the Connect Function? Will W10M supported in future?

For at least one year offline sync is not working. Is there any chance of fixing it sometime? One of the reasons I subscribed for spotify premium was that and I can't use this feature for at least a year. It was not working in wp8, wp8.1, w10, w10 anniversary update........ So most probably it is not operating system related. I think I'll end up my subscription if it won't be fixed soon. It doesn't make sense to have premium account without this feature.

This problem still exists...

I still have the problem. Spotify is block on "loading…" and I can't do nothing.


Just the same 😕 I need spotify in my lumia 550

New problem on Windows Phone 10. The audio service doesn't start. Why an audio service for a mobile app? KISS!

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