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Spotify on Windows Phone 10


Spotify on Windows Phone 10

 Just to let you know: Spotify on WP10 is a bit a mess. It starts, but you dont see contents of playlists and you can't sync them offline. BUT (for those of you to try the new OS), you CAN play the lists! Hitting the shuffel button will - eventually - really start playback. It might take some time (really extended time), but in most cases it works...


I've posted it also on Windows Feedback, let's see who is going to fix it.

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Go the exact same problem. Restart or reinstall doesn't fix the problem.
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Hi Spotify Community,


I recently switched from Groove Music to Spotify, but the spotify app does not work...pretty much at all...on my Windows 10 mobile Lumia 950. When I try to play music, it just keeps showing "Loading...".


Appreciate any help,


I found it works more reliable if you have WiFi off, or even turn SPotify to Offline (and have all downloaded)....

Thank you, Wolfgang. I tried turning the wifi off, but to no improvement unfortunately. I do have some music downloaded--like what I use for get-togethers--, but I often just want to browse new music, not necessarily for downloading.  


i even tried doing a hard reset to no avail. Here is something interesting: I did not start having this problem until I changed my membership from free account to the premium account.


I appreciate any other ideas,


Sorry no more ideas than to switch phones (as there is nothing left on WinPhone to listen music to since Groove is shutting down)... 😞


And obviously when you try to use web player on Lumia the web page asks you to launch the app .. which is not working at all.  The web player connects fine but plays only first 30 seconds ... this is probably most lamentable/piteous piece of software I have see in my life.

did you try iHeart or Tunein ? Groove app still works and is great for playing music local stored or OneDrive, but if you dont own any music files and have to stream, try one of the others.

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