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Spotify on ps4 is not working properly

Spotify on ps4 is not working properly

I use spotify on my ps4 and HTC one mobile phone, on my phone it works perfectly but if I connect it to my ps4 I have to press play about ten times before a song will play and most times it just won't play at all. Even if I use spotify solely on my ps4 I I've the same issue. This is driving me nuts and I'm genuinely considering getting rid of spotify altogether, this is soooo frustrating. 😞 please help!
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I have this exact same problem. I have to bash my phone or the console like 10 times of not more to get the playstation to play it. Tablet, 2 phones other devices are fine even when remotely controlling the others, just the ps4 being a mong. Did you by any chance download the recent PS4 update beta? When I went back to original software it started doing this and only since then. Before the beta i did not have 1 single issue. PS3 is now doing the same thing :s

And Sony want us to pay plus? Pfffft causes more problems paying for that

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