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Spotify on xbox not playing anything

Spotify on xbox not playing anything





The Netherlands 


Xbox series x

Operating System

Whatever xbox runs on


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So the entire app works completely fine but it just doesn't play. I can login, move through the menus. Add songs to play lists and remove them but when trying to play something it just doesn't start.


The first time this happened I did a quick Google and it told me to remove xbox from my connected devices through the Spotify website. It doesn't show up there, which I expect is the cause of the problem.


Since that didn't work I just relocated Spotify from my internal drive to my seagate SSD which made it play again.



Then when I tried to play Spotify the next day, same problem. But this time moving storage devices doesn't work. I had to logout of Spotify on the console, remove the app, do a power cycle and delete the cashe data. Only then after reinstalling it started playing again.


Now I'm trying to play Spotify again and you guessed it, same problem. Now nothing works. It's just dead.


Does anyone know how to fix this? Or are there more people having the same problem? Please let me know! 

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