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Spotify payment question

Spotify payment question

Hi<br>I'm a student and am interested in upgrading to spotify premium for the cheaper price. I also am in the process of changing my bank account to the Santander 123 account. It needs 2 direct debits for the bank account to fully function. I have my phone on direct debit already. Does anyone know if the monthly payments to spotify are seen as a direct debit by banks?<br><br>Thanks and sorry for the long windedness!
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Hi there, 


You can find out about the Spotify for Students info here - Unfortunately, I'm not sure if this would count as a direct debit, but you're welcome to sign up and see. 



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Spotify payments are recurring payments, not a direct debit I'm afraid.

Not that I condone gambling, but I have a DD to buy a lottery ticket once a week as one of mine. (along with my phone like you said!) 😛

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