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Spotify playback on Sonos

Spotify playback on Sonos

Spotify peeps, I have a premium account and have been playing Spotify through the Sonos app or using the devices available and selecting the Sonos speaker.  No problems until earlier in the week.  Songs will start playing, then no sound but the song advances...sometimes the song doesn't play at all...sometimes I get an error message saying the song can't be played.  I've tried restarting all the devices...sonos speaker, macbook, iphone, router, luck.  This is only happening with Spotify, not any other streaming service.



4 Replies

Hey @smarris, help's here!


Could you let us know what version of Spotify you're running on your devices? Did you also notice this occurring after a recent update?


We'd also suggest reinstalling the Sonos app and following the steps for set-up again.


Let us know how you get on.

Hi, I have the same problem. Since few days I can't play music from my Sonos speakers. My Spotify app isn't working correctly too. Very often I see information that app is offline (error code 4). Do you have any suggestions?



Same problem, better and worse, since months. System is apple computers and iOS devices.  All Sonos and Spotify apps regularly updated and current. Channels changed, devices reset. Hardware moved about.  Problem only with Spotify. When Spotify connection drops, can switch to other providers and listen without problems. 

Yeah- Me too- Trying to play spotify through my Sonos system..not. Asks for premium account, which I have, but doesn't provide a link to what I need to do..again, to fix this. Super fkn frustrating..just want to play and go..but can't.. I have the spotify app on my Ipad, plays there fine, but if I use the sonos app on the same Ipad, which has spotify enabled, it won't play. I notice you never miss a bill date. How about FIXING THIS??? I just updated the sonos app before trying to use it. Pandora, here I come.

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