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Spotify playlist will not update

Spotify playlist will not update




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I have been having a problem with the playlist '00s Rock Anthems' by Spotify. I realised my playlist wasn't updating and tried on a different account and the playlist was different to mine. I logged in on my account and they immediately switched back. I tried on both my laptop, desktop, phone and on the web player and it only shows the same songs when I am logged in on my account no matter the device making me believe it is more of an account problem. I emailed Spotify where I was told to relog, clear my cache, data, reinstall the app, unfollow and refollow the playlist yet still no success in which they temporarily gave me access to a test account which again, showed a different playlist to what I see on my account.


This is what I have worked out:


The last time the playlist was updated was 19th of April 2019 (Confirmed by spotify as well) and displays this date whether I am logged in on my account or not


It only happens on my account and no one elses from what I have tried, not even my family members accounts


It has nothing to do with my device as again it happens on the web player too as long as I am logged in and tried on different devices too that are not mine


Any help would be appreciated as it is leaving me stumped and my Spotify Premium has just renewed for another month and don't want to open a new account until my premium expires at the start of next month. I have attached what I see on my playlist for you guys to compare and see what I mean. Thanks in advance!

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Hey @TheYajrab,


Thanks for getting in touch!


Certain playlists we curate, will differ per person. This is based on your listening behavior. So it's possible that some of our playlists look different for you than they look for someone else.


The playlists will update for you every now and then. Don't forget to dislike any songs you don't like and like any songs that you do like a lot. This should improve your recommendations.


Hope it helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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