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Spotify playlists on SONOS

Spotify playlists on SONOS

Hello!  I use Spotify on my SONOS system; just this weekend I had four different people ask me which playlist we were listening to.  The SONOS controllers (both the Windows controller and the Android app) do not have a place to display the current playlist.

I contacted SONOS, and this is what I was told:  "This would be a better request for Spotify to include this information in the metadata they send to us, this way we can display that information within the Now Playing screen. As of now we can only show the current song and view the next songs in the list. In order for us to display the name of the playlist that is playing we would need Spotify to send that information to us in their metadata. "

SO... is there any chance that Spotify can add the metadata for the currently-playing playlist? Thanks for your help!


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we're having the same issue. Please fix this Spotify!

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