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Spotify podcasts are now available in Ukraine but there's no video

Spotify podcasts are now available in Ukraine but there's no video







Operating System


My Question or Issue

  • Podcasts recently became available for Ukrainian users, but there seems to be no video. I wanted to watch Joe Rogan Experience which is your exclusive, and there is no way to watch it with my account. Well there is a way, but it requires a VPN, which is kind of painful. Please make video podcasts available, I bet it's not that complicated.
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Hey @ThatHunky,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome.


We appreciate the time you're taking reporting this behavior and for your feedback. However, it is common to launch in markets without offering the full Spotify product range. That said, podcasts are an important part of Spotify. We are working to get our podcast offering up and running in Ukraine as soon as we are able.


We'd recommend keeping your app updated to be aware of any new changes in your market. Thank you again for your patience.


In case you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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I don't have Canvas setting and I seem not to be able to watch videos and that go with podcasts. Are videos not available in Ukraine?

Hi there, any updates? I also have a question: if I change my country in subscription to the UK and pay for it using Paypal, will I have access to video podcasts from Ukraine?

There aren't any updates. You can switch the country of the account and get those features, but you'll have to use a VPN to re-login from time to time and it will cost more.

can you please share with us some updates regarding the videos? It's been almost a year, so I'm wondering when customers from Ukraine can finally get a working video, I just can't understand what's the problem with that?

Please add Canvas to Ukraine 

Any updates?

Any updates, Spotify, whazzup? You don't like Ukraine or think it's not worthy of video from your podcasts?

Any particular reason that's so hard to switch boolean flag to 'true'?

Also voting for podcast videos for ALL countries. That's absolutely ridiculous that we can't watch JRE normally because of some nonsense restrictions.

Any update here ? 
How much longer do we have to put up with this?

Dear Spotify,

Seriously where are video podcasts? We even got the podcast previews in short-form style, but they don't even work properly. It's been 2 years!


Spotify, please make a good deed, let ukrainian users to watch video.

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