Spotify premium 6 day trial

Spotify premium 6 day trial

I installed the sofrware upgrade to my NDX device and downloaded the app. I now had the Spotify icon on my NAIM app. Then I selected the free trial of Premim for 6 days as Spotify will only work with NAIM with the premium. It worked perfectly for the first 2 days, but on day 3 the NDX showed "ERROR" - "unable to connect to the Spotify server".

I booted my entire stereo system and deleted and downloaded again the Spotify app, the NAIM continued to show the error message. The speaker icon in the corner of the spotify app allowed me to choose connecting to my NDX but when I selected it, the icon would blink and the error message would come up on the NAIM. I would like to order premium want to first understand the same issue and how to fix, espeically once I start to pay. Can you help me?


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