Spotify "mutes" itself


Spotify "mutes" itself

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The play/pause button shows that the song is playing, the progress bar is moving, until the end of the song. The only way I've managed to fix this, is to restart spotify.

Every other device works fine (iPad, phone and work computer).

I've also tried playing a couple songs from the web player, but I had the same issue there. 

I'm not sure, but it might be a combination of spotify + skype (?), since I'm usually on skype when I'm at this computer.

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You might double check your skype settings to see if there is a global setting that effects other programs that have sound while skype is being used?

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Thanks for the reply Jay.


I've tried looking at the skype and spotify settings, but none of those seems right. (Yes, I know about the 80% mute thing).


To me, it seems like a Spotify problem, because it's so random when it decides to mute itself. It can be within the first song, or after a couple hours. It's not on any specific song or playlist.

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My fiance is having this issue on his nexus 6p
He actually sees the sound bar going down? So weird