Spotify service not showing in Amazon Alexa app

Spotify service not showing in Amazon Alexa app


I’m trying to connect my Amazon Echo Dot with the Spotify service. Going into the settings\music & media, but Spotify does not show up as a service. Only Amazon Music and TuneIn. 

When clicking the button ‘choose default music services’ I can see Spotify with a radio button in the list but it’s greyed out. 


Im located in Sweden. 

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Hi @Dj-bezz! Have you tried power cycling your Echo Dot? Unplugging your Dot and then plugging it back in may fix any glitches. Doing a clean reinstall of the Alexa app may fix it too. If all else fails, Spotify Support should be able to help you. I hope this helps!



How do I reach Spotify Customer Support?

Everything leads to the community.


Tried unplugging the Echo, signed out and re-installed the Alexa app as well but I have the same issue as before.


Are you based in Sweden and got this to work?


I have the same problem I am based in Denmark


Have the same problem! Heard somewhere that if you set your accounts to US it will work but don't really want running Amazon music to get by it but would like to stick to Spotify. 😞




I have the same problem and I am based in Brazil.


Same. I buy stuff from Amazon so I don't want to give a fake address. Same ol' story though. If you're not from the US or UK, they just don't care.

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