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Spotify starts by itself on my Yamaha receiver. HELP!

Spotify starts by itself on my Yamaha receiver. HELP!

On my Yamaha RX-V6A receiver, Spotify randomly starts playing by itself. I'll be watching TV or playing my PS5 and all of a sudden the input changes itself to Spotify and it's playing classical type music that I NEVER listen to. There's NO other device on my network running Spotify, especially that type of music. It's also happened at night when the receiver wasn't in use. I've also checked my network and there's no unknown devices connecting to it. It's driving me INSANE. I've contacted Yamaha and they haven't been able to help, there's no settings on the receiver itself that I can see for this. I'm not sure else where to go for this issue?!?!?


I have uninstalled the Spotify app from my TV and PS5, re-insstalled the app on my phone and ensured it's not running in the background at all, restarted the router (and also replaced router), factory reset the receiver multiple times....

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Hey there @Arcayne85,


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We suggest following the steps in this article to secure your account. If the issue persists afterwards, follow the steps under Lost anything? to get in touch with our Support team so they can further assist you with this.


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Hi i am having a similar problem i have played some music via spotify connect yamaha rxv585. I then stop and turn on tv for a while then after 10-15 mins the amp flicks back to last played on spotify?

Hey @BMc22,

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We'd suggest you reach out directly to the support team from Yamaha about this. Firmware updates on receivers and app updates from Spotify's end sometimes get out of tune which might cause issues like this.


You can check if there is new firmware update available for your device and let it run. 


We always work on improving user's experience and we advise that you keep your Spotify up to date with the latest version so that you don't miss out on any fixes.

Hope this helps. 

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Hi I can confirm I have the latest firmware on the yamaha receiver and my Spotify app is up to date. Have found a bit of a solve here if I completely close the spotify app on my iphone it stops the receiver changing to spotify connect randomly when watching TV or a movie on another input. Not ideal having to remember to close the app down on my phone each time I have used spotify connect on the amp. Hope this helps anyone else. Cheers

I have the same issue (watching a movie or playing XBOX and suddenly switches input to Spotify Connect) and can also confirm that shutting down the Spotify app on my iPhone seems to prevent this from happening. Thanks for the post.

I have this same issue still today in April of 2023. It feels like a Spotify issue.

Mine as started doing exactly the same. But possibly a Yamaha bug. It’s only started doing it when I updated the firmware to the latest available last week (not sure off top of my head how long the firmware as been released for). 

not saying it is a Yamaha bug as it could be other updates being pushed out by Spotify/iOS and mine always plays something from my iOS Spotify current playlist

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