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Spotify still playing me Chick-Fil-A ads... and I'm gay.

Spotify still playing me Chick-Fil-A ads... and I'm gay.



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Windows 10


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This is still happening. My spotify algorithm has clearly recognized I'm LGBTQ+ (nonbinary and bisexual) and yet this ad plays to me aggressively, more than 10 times a day (if I am listening all day). I'm almost to believe Chick-Fil-A has this ad to run targeted to us because it plays so frequently to me and all my LGBT friends.


This causes disgust and, to a minor extent, distress. Chick-Fil-A is violently anti-LGBTQ. I'd prefer is spotify didn't accept their money to pay for their advertisements, but at the very least please stop these ads from playing targeted ads at our community. They literally fund the torture of our youth across the globe through conversion therapy and backing anti-LGBT politicians. I don't want to hear them trying to sell me a sandwich, and I shouldn't have to spend money to do so.


Spotify, please do something about this. I know targeted ads are a thing. At the very least stop this ad from playing for obviously LGBTQ+ listener. Some of us don't want to be reminded of this hateful business while we're vibing to our favorite songs about gay love.


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I am completely not gay and don't care about the LGBTQ thing and yet Spotify is constantly throwing me does ads and I really getting angry about it just please take does ads out of my Spotify


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