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Spotify stops in Sonos ...

Spotify stops in Sonos ...

Hello Support
I have 2 Spotify accounts defined in a Sonos Controller (iOS). Now when my daughter listens to Account 2 (Family Account), she sees the correct playlist and anything goes until I hear on my account 1 (the first defined) - then Sonos stops after 3-4 seconds. If she starts again (still account 2 / daughter) after 2-3 seconds stops my Spotify app with account 1.
In both accounts, we have repeatedly seen that. Everything is set up correctly


It is an error - but from, spotify or from sonos?`Who can help?

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Hey @MarcoFl


This sounds weird, could you test in the Spotify app that both accounts can play music at the same time?

Hi thanks for your response


Yes, we have a family account. When my dougther is listening Spotify on her smartphone, I can hear from my Spotify playlist on my phone so.

No problem...

I did an other test.


When my daughter starts Spotify in Sonos over the PC app it works ... that means that she can here Spotify@Sonos and I can hear Spotify at my iphone (with two different accounts). If we do the same with Sonos-App on the iphone (and I in my Spotify-App on an other iphone) - it does not work - so it seams that the Sonos-App from iphone is the problem ...





If the Sonos app is the problem I suggest you report this to Sonos as their is not much we can do here 🙂

Yes, ok

Problem (I know you can not change it) Sonos does nothing - Thes say I should you only one session, without reading my problem correctly ...



Are you using multiple Sonos devices and multiple different devices to play Spotify?

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