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Spotify stops playing through HEOS speakers during second song

Spotify stops playing through HEOS speakers during second song

New Problem after many moons of no trouble: First song plays well on HEOS, part way in to second song, the song continues to progress in the app but no longer a sound on HEOS speakers. Other HEOS music servers (Pandora, Amazon) play without incident from same phone via HEOS app. Have reset, reinstalled, restarted, and retried (from same and different devices) with no success.
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Devices included Android, Windows, and iOS.  All apps and firmware up to date.

I have the suspicion that it relates to the most recent FW update from Denon (HEOS).

My experience has been the same. For me it is a little on/off when they are in a functional state.
Although I have at any time since buying the first speakers in 2015 experienced a bad link between the speakers and Spotifty. For example when voluming up/down.

Have the same problem since the Heos Update. It is nearly impossible to listen music via Spotify Connect. Tried everything, uninstall reinstall Heos and Spotify App, reset Speakers and Router. Hope, the problem will be solved asap by Denon or has anyone an idea to solve it?

It seems like a Denon issue. I've submitted a question on that side as well
and will post any updates I get from them

I'm having the same issue - just started a few weeks ago.  makes HEOS uselss in the mean time. 

Got word today from Denon that a firmware update may be released next week to address this issue.  So, not holding my breath but that's at least a recognition of the problem

So let us hope, that this will be fixed. Now more than a month without Spotify...cannot understand, why it takes such a long time. Not a very good service...

New Update yesterday...nothing changed. Denon solved problems with Amazon Music HD but Spotify ist mit recognized. Tried the same song in Amazon and Spotify. Amazon worked perfect, Spotify a big catastrophe:-(. Wrote again to the support. 

I'm experiencing the same issues with Spotify. It is impossible to listen to music through Spotify. Can't wait for a new firmware upgrade.

Same issue here. The playback will start to stutter and then stop completely. This happens every time I play a song from Spotify so it is a major issue. 

I can confirm what you are all saying here; Spotify Connect and HEOS speakers are no longer working like they used to do.

I can start playing and it works perfectly for maybe ten - twenty minutes, then suddenly one speaker disappears, or both. Sometimes one come back for a while, sometimes both, but it only lasts for a minute or two and then they disappear again, and sometimes there is a crackling sound, like a bad speaker cable (except there are no cables).

Spotify app keeps playing but there is no sound, the WiFi connection seems to be good all the time and I can not find anything wrong anywhere, and I think I've tried and checked everything, it simply doesn't work.
All this has been going on for quite some time (don't remember but at least for six months), and it seems to get worse and worse.

Problem from both Android and Windows devices and same thing with two pair of speakers, two HEOS 3, two HEOS 1.

I can also confirm this problem!
I tried everything in my network environment, but nothing will help.
There's some improvement when I connect with 5ghz connection, but still speakers stops and plays on random moments.
Before, I had no problems at all 😞

Is this issue already mentioned by someone to Denon?

I have an open ticket with Denon but it's gone a bit silent since their last FW update (which seemed to fix Amazon Prime issues but not Spotify).  No harm in more folks complaining respectfully yet bitterly! 😉

Denon replied me:


“Please ensure if using a dual band ssid router that you are using 2.4ghz access point for both the Heos device and the ios/android device to control it.
If you are connecting via 5ghz access point you may find some issues with Spotify streams.
There will be an update to rectify this shortly.”
This has now been an issue for months. I’m seriously thinking about changing my whole speaker setup at home to another manufacturer. This is not sustainable!

Ok, I am cautiously optimistic.  Now using 2.47.290(r195345) on my HEOS 1s, HEOS3, and HEOS5.  Instruction from Denon was to set Quality to Normal and power cycle the speakers.  Did that and played them all in a group (stereo pair on the HEOS1s) for about an hour with a little delay here and there when switching to new music.  Once the music was left to simply play, all seemed well.  Will do some longer plays later but interested in hearing if other folks have similar experiences.

After further review, the flaw in the ointment is that the HEOS app loses track of the speakers.  I have four speakers.  Two HEOS 1s that are nominally grouped in stereo, a HEOS 3, and a HEOS 5.  Today, the HEOS app thought it was playing the HEOS 5 and one of the HEOS 1s while, in reality, the HEOS 5 and the HEOS 3 were playing.  Volume control was commensurately messed up.

I am experiencing the same problems. Some of my speakers are connected via WiFi and some using ethernet. Things have never been perfect but having upgraded to a Ubiquiti Unifi network to get better playback the speakers have been working OK for a while. However, since a couple of weeks or months they are all but unusable. Quite often, a speaker will disappear and then appear again, even if connected by cable. A while ago one of the speakers (HEOS5 HS1, WiFi connected) disappeared and didn't reappear. I could not get it back in the GUI, even after a complete factory reset and reconnecting it with cable. I then read that disabling Wireless Meshing on my Ubiquiti network could help and after trying that all my speakers were back! However, this didn't solve the playback issues similar to those described by many others in this thread. Playing from a single HEOS unit might work but when grouping them the playback will drop, stutter or stop completely. The whole setup is so unstable that I am seriously thinking of switching to another brand of speakers. My only hope now is that the next firmware upgrade will fix this.

I have this problem for about 2 years now. Everything is always up 2 date. For me it happened after a HEOS update 2 years ago and sometimes there is a good day but most times it is very troublesome. one song goes well then 2 or 3 songs with stops, scraping sounds and so on.

I give up. Yesterday there was a firmware update (2.47.350) to all my seven HEOS units. Unfortunately this didn't help a bit, things are just as bad and unstable as before. I have a rock solid network from UniFi so that isn't the problem. The problem is that Denon cannot create working software. Anybody wants to buy a complete HEOS setup? 🙂

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