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Spotify stuck on TV but still playing music

Spotify stuck on TV but still playing music









Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016

Sony Smart TV


Operating System



My Issue

Everytime I connect my Samsung tablet or phone with the Sony Smart TV it plays music normally for a few songs until the screen freezes but still the correct music is playing even if i change the playlist or song. It's just I can't close the App or skip the song on the TV with its remote only. Yes, I tried deleting and reinstalling the App, turning off the power of the TV or even turning it off fully but as I said the App is working normally for a few songs until the screen freezes again. The problem started when i changed to Spotify premium a few months ago.


4 Replies

Hi! Have you tried updating the TV's software? If your TV is connected to the internet which I'm assuming it is. You might find an option to update your TV in the 'Settings' Menu of your TV

I’m having precisely the same problem. Sony TV too. Only noticed it the last month or so. Music continues to play but screen freezes, generally within a song or two. All software up to date. Tried resetting / reinstalling to no avail. Spotify - please advise 

I have exactly the same problem.  All updates have been done to my knowledge.  I've searched for answers outside this community but found none.  Has anyone solved this problem?

I have same problem as well, TV software is up to date. Spotify team please help!

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