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Spotify switching off of playlist randomly

Spotify switching off of playlist randomly

This happens regardless of where I'm using spotify. I made a playlist for my job that I can leave on all day while I'm working and at least once throughout the day it just starts playing some random song that isn't on the playlist. I read that this was a problem with free accounts with short playlists but I have premium and the playlist is nothing close to short. This gets very annoying because I specifically stay away from a lot of explicit songs because there can be kids in the gym, I'll be walking around and all of the sudden some random song comes on. Here's the link to the playlist:

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Hi if the music in your playlist is less than 15 songs spotify will automatically put random music on it. 

Yeah I read that but my playlist is 7 hours long and that only happens to free accounts anyways.



Thanks for getting in touch!


Could it be that your account is still logged in somewhere? Perhaps at home or at a friends house. They might be trying to listen without know it's your account. Where's what you can do to ensure nobody is using your account:


  • Change your Spotify password
  • (If your accounts are connected) Change your Facebook password.
  • Log out everywhere on your Spotify account page
  • (if your accounts are connected) Log out from your Facebook profile

Hope this prevents your music from being interrupted. Let us know how it goes!


Have a nice day.

I am also having this exact same problem. It is not a hardware problem as it happens in all devices. It is not solved by logging out and logging back in.


I can't play more than one song at a time from anywhere within Spotify. This includes everything on Spotify: my own playlists, playlists of others, Spotify radio stations, artist pages, etc, etc. The Spotify Demo account works fine. But my account is completely broken.

Here is what happens. After I play one song, it skips to a list of random jam-band songs instead of the next song in the playlist, radio station, etc, etc.



I think I may have fixed my problem. I reinstalled my Spotify App on my desktop (where the problem first started) and it is gone and working like it should on ALL devices.


Very strange because the Spotify demo account worked properly on my desktop leading support to think it was not a software/client problem.

Hey @briantexas,


Good to read it works again.


It might have been music in your Queue that kept resuming. Here's info on how the Queue works.


Hope it'll help. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

Mine jumps to "songs recommended by Spotify", based on my playlist choices. I have hundreds of songs on my regular playlist, and I just want to listen to it!

Hey there @RosalieCatLady,

Thanks for the post.


This sounds like you have Enhance switched on. This is a feature which will automatically populate your playlist with similar songs. To turn it off click the Enhance Button on the very top of the playlist. It should be grayed out when switched off.



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