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Spotify trouble on Ps4 pro

Spotify trouble on Ps4 pro

Hey, i am having some trouble with Spotify on my Ps4. Almost every time i play songs in the backgruond while i am playing games Spotify stops the song after 10-20 minutes. I use mye Phone to control the songs and my Phone shows that songs are playing on the ps4, i can change songs on my Phone, but there is no sound. I have to exit the game and open Spotify again for it to play. Sometimes i even get logged out of my account. 

What to do? 




Country:  Norway

Device:  Playstation 4 pro





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Hey @Nido007.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Could you try a quick reinstallation using these instructions? If that doesn't help, could you let us know what happens if you start playing music from the PS4 and don't use Spotify Connect from your phone?


Let us know what the result is. Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day!

I tried reinstalling, that did not work. When i played music directly from the Ps4 without using connect the music did not stop. Regardless, I still want to use connect with my Phone, because i cant sort my playlists on the Ps4 and its a bit troubleling changing songs and such. 

I also have this issue.  I'm using an Android phone to control the playback on my PS4 while playing games as the default play mode is oldest date to newest, which means I have to listen to the oldest music first, never getting to new music unless I hit shuffle.  This tends to work for a bit, then the PS4 goes off all on it's own and loses sync with the phone.



Thanks for getting in touch.


Are you using your PS4 on WiFi perhaps? Connectivity issues may occur if your WiFi connection isn't optimal. Could you try if the same thing happens when you connect your PS4 over Ethernet?


Looking forward to your reply.

The PS4 is hard wired on a GB network.

Spotify also keeps pausing on my ps4-pro. 

Tried uninstall. Didn't work. 

My ps4 is connected via ethernet cable.

I tried starting Spotify on the ps in order to rule out Phone probs, as the problem also occurs on my android phone. 

Nothing helps. 

I also looked into the powersaving issues on my phone. Doesn't help! 

This is getting really annoying, and I will cancel my premium account unless this is fixed very soon. Im not paying to be annoyed by your program issues.

I have spent most of my sunday afternoon trying to fix this, and none of the solutions work. And this isn't the first time either! 

I cant even download spotify on my ps4 pro but I do have it on an old ps4. Is this why?

Hey there @Lala_sol,


Welcome to the Community!


We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble installing the app on your PS4 Pro. Could you tell us what's happening exactly? Any screenshots of error messages you receive would be great.


In the meantime you can head over to this post and see if the solution provided solves your issue.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have more questions.


Keep us posted.

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