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Spotify uae gear s3 app

Spotify uae gear s3 app

Why can't I download or find Spotify app on galaxy apps for Samsung gear s3? Even though I got the phone app and it's officially available in my region  This is frustrating  Please help. 


Samsung gear s3 

And galaxy note 9

Spotify premium 

United Arab Emirates 

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Hey @Mat1989, help's here.


First, check out these steps to download the Spotify app:

  1. Tap Apps from the Samsung wearable home screen.
  2. Tap Galaxy Apps.
  3. Search ‘Spotify’ and tap Install.

If you can't find it, it may be the case that the integration hasn't launched in your country yet. You may not be able to use all integrations/devices until our partners make them available in your market.


We suggest that you check a bit later to see if Spotify is available on your watch. 


Hope that helps 🙂


I'm having the same issue with my Samsung Gear Sport, which I bought for the purpose of using Spotify.  


Any idea when the Spotify App will be available?  In the meantime, is there any possible workaround?

its not working, i have contacted Samsung and they told me that  you guys have not made it available in the galaxy apps store for our country(United Arab emirates) yet . you have to make it available via the galaxy apps store we it appears when we search for it. please fix this so we can use our Gear S3 to download offline.. the only reason i subbed to spotify premium was for this feature for now i cancelled my sub till this is resolved.

FYI spotify officially avalible in UAE

Just following up on this - Spotify app still not available in the UAE Galaxy Apps store.


Can we please have an update on when it will be available?  There is a market here in the UAE who have purchased Samsung watches and / or signed up to Spotify on the understanding that this app would be available.  

I agree, I have been waiting ages to be able to use spotify on the samsung gear s3. The app is still not available to me in the UAE samsung galaxy apps.


Please advise us asap when this will be available

Hi, any update on this? I've just bought a Samsung watch to run phone free. But no Spotify app is available in the UAE

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