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Spotify via Chromecast wont stop streaming

Spotify via Chromecast wont stop streaming






Samsung 8, Android 9


Chromecast Audio Cast-Firmwareversion: 1.39.154182


My Question or Issue

Hi everybody,

Since some days (probaly since last update) Spotify won't stop playing when a podcast that I have directly selectet is over. Same when I hava a queue where only some podcasts are included and all titles are played Spotify will start another title from the podcast series. Also sleep timer wont work anymore (however this never really worked reliable with Chromecast).


So now there is nothing i can do to just play some podcasts. So now it will run infinitely which is pretty annoying if you want to use it when going to bed.

Does anybody have a solution or a workaround so I can still use it while going to bed.


Best and thanks


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One thing to ad:

Its not like it will start imediately to play next song after sleep timer stopped or queue is finished. It will take some minutes. Funny thing is I was also in contact with google support and they asked me to make a video. I was not able to. Means as long as the display on my phone is on the described behaivior wont happen.


Also one thing that changes a short while ago is, when I connect spotify with chromecast the music instantly starts even when the song was paused. This was not happening before.


I have almost the same problem, but when I have stopped the music on my device connected to chromecast. Chromecast  suddenly starts to play while spotify on the phone is paused. I have to press play and pause it again to stop is. If I don't close spotify on my phone it will start again after a ca minute.

I can 't remember when i had this problem for the first time, i guess a couple of weeks ago. Before, always went to bed whilst using the sleep timer functio, connected to chromecast audio. NEVER had a problem. 
Now, it just doesn't seem to be working at all. I'm tired of waking up at 4.00h in the morning to turn it off. 
Without using Spotify Connect (to Chromecast) it still works.

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