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Spotify way too loud on Samsung Smart TV

Spotify way too loud on Samsung Smart TV

Hi, I recently got Spotify Premium and was exited to use it on my tv, so I picked up my phone and put a song to play on it, but it was extremelly loud if compared to Netflix and cable, I had to turn the volume down by about 60%, so now whenever I switch from Netflix or cable to Spotify, I need to turn the volume down or vice versa, It's quite anoingly having to do this all the time, plus the times I forget to do it and it starts playing scaring everybody in the house.

11 Replies

I have the same problem.


TV is a Samsung a60ku6000.


The volume will be about 4 on the TV (other apps will play at at 12-15 and be a reasonable level) and the volume on my phone is the lowest possible.


I can't turn it down any lower through the phone as it just mutes.

I'm having the same issue between an iPhone and a 2016 Samsung. I'm afraid I'm going to blow the speakers out on either my TV or my soundbar, so I'm not even going to use it until I can be assured this is fixed. It's one of the reasons I decided to upgrade to a premium Family plan, so it's dissappointing that it's not working.


I'm currently chatting with tech support and hope they can resolve the problem in the next app release. I guess we'll see…

Any new infos that problem?

I am also having the same issue. Would love to hear if there are any updates or solves in the works.

Same issue still persists as of 3/2018. Running firmware 1156 on a UN49MU8000.

All other apps I have tested on the Samsung smart tv platform don't exhibit this problem. The minimum volume level is just unuseable for setting some background music in the current Spotify app.


To put some numbers around it, I attached a Chromecast 2 to the test TV. Using a 440 Hz test tone from Spotify's library, I measured SPL levels using both the native Samsung TV Spotify app and through the Chromecast. I just toggled inputs back and forth. No change was applied to the volume level. The Chromecast 2 was set to maximum volume through the google home app. This was using the built-in speakers of the TV to eliminate other external audio sources.


Ambient noise level of the TV room with the TV muted: ~19-20dB

Chromecast test tone: 49dB

Samsung TV Spotify app test tone: 60dB


That's a jump of over 10dB just by using the app. Clearly something is going on here. Setting the built-in TV speakers to the lowest level "Volume 1" theoretically should be very quiet, where in reality it is anything but. A few times I've switched over from watching Netflix to the Spotify app, and have forgotten to lower the volume before hitting play. Just about blew out the speakers. 


Running the same test with Netflix through the built-in app vs the Chromecast yeilded identical volume levels.


Either pad down the audio level a set ammount in the app, or give us a way to independently adjust the volume. 


I can't claim nearly as scientific of an approach as dheinke, but I'm still experiencing these issues. Spotify tech support responded to my issue, said they would elevate the issues to the dev team, and that it would likely be addressed in the next release. Same issue persists. I'm not holding my breath that it'll be fixed anytime soon, so I've learned to live with it, but the process of remembering the lower the volume before playing is cumbersome at best — and completely unreasonable when I am paying for a premium subscription that boasts the tv feature.

Agreed. Inadvertently woken the wife from  a nap a few times and that's never a good idea.


Compounding with that, it's impossible to set some background music and hold a conversation in the same room since the minimum volume level is just too loud.


I've seen some other posts where Samsung users were experiencing distortion though the app, but that's not the case for me. No distortion here, just a real hot signal coming from the app. 

I have the same problem with Samsung UE49MU8009! It also appears on the S/PDIF connected receiver. The sound is terribly loud an scratchy. I’ve already manually updated the system software to 1201.0 (05.03.2018)! But it doesn’t get better!

Same problem on Samsung q7f .. Too loud on lowest volume setting! Also the app always forgets my login details, according to another post I need to make a Samsung account which is annoying, I've yet to test... 

It still occassionally logs out on mine, even with a samsung account. I just end up doing the "quick" login by casting to it from my phone. Probably happens in the once-a-month territory.


However, as for the audio level, still the same after running through a TV reset. I'd expect to see some more people run into the same issue now that the 2018 generation of Samsung TVs are out. 

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this to us.


We're currently investigating this issue in this Ongoing Issue thread.

Make sure to head over to the thread, click +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread to be notified of any developments.



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