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Spotify won't cast anymore







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Alright, after searching and searching I still haven't found anything even close to my problem so here I am.


Before I start describing my issue, I'd like to mention that all of this used to work, uptil 2 weeks ago or so when I disconneted most of my devices to install them in a new location.


I have a google home and several smart speakers installed and all connected to my google home account. Now normally I can either tell my google home to play music on one of the speakers, on a speaker group or anything else that is available and when looking in the Spotify app (doesn't matter what platform, it's all the same) I would see the current song playing and I would see on what device it is playing.


Also, normally when I ask google home to play some music, it would start where I left off my previous listening time and I would be able to change the song in the app. But now it keeps starting at the same **bleep** song and I when looking in the app, it seems like notthing is playing. Then when selecting another song, my google home stops playing and gives me the message that it stopped playing because another device is playing a song. The only way to change the song when listening threw my google home is by telling my google home to change it (I know this ofcourse normal but normally you can also change the music in the spotify app).


When I manually try to connect to a spotify cast enabled device (doesn't even have to be google cast, spotify connect doesn't work either) by opening the casting tab and selecting a device, it just keeps connecting until it times out.


The issue certainly isn't related to my devices because when I use another spotify account, it works just fine.


Couple of things I've tried:

- Resetting all my devices

- Disconnecting Spotify from my google home and reconnecting it

- Logged out everywhere

- Disbaled all applets


I'm really out of ideas.


Thanks for your time.


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