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Squantify: How much have you saved using Spotify?

Squantify: How much have you saved using Spotify?

I subscribed to Spotify Unlimited ages ago and I've been quite happy with it.
One of the question I kept coming back to, however, was: "am I spending more or less than if I bought all those tracks on iTunes?"

To answer that, I've built Squantify:

In short, Squantify uses APIs from Spotify, and iTunes to assign a monetary value to a user's Spotify Play History.

The About page gives some more details, but the best way of getting an idea of how it works is taking it for a spin.

On launch day it processed about 73,000 albums and 215,000 tracks, for a total combined value close to £150,000.

So much data, in fact, that it couldn't cope with the number of requests (mostly because of API throttling, I suspect).

Why am I posting it here? Three reasons:


  1. It's a Spotify-related idea and I'd like to see what you guys think
  2. I'd love to get in touch with someone at Spotify and see if we can develop this further
  3. Failing that, it would be nice to be able to discuss solutions to avoid API thottling or reduce its impact

All feedback welcome 🙂

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Hey there!

Very interesting project, always nice to see those kind of things of users. 😄

I've moved it over here in the other forum part since it's not really a feature request that Spotify has to implement (ideas exchange).


You might want to talk to @Christoffer who also builds web-apps with the Spotify API. 😉

Yeah, I was uncertain where to put it. In the end I went for the Spotify Ideas because it seemed like an idea that could be so much more useful if Spotify were to support it, but I appreciate it's a bit of a gray area 😉

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