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Standup Comedy

If you're gonna link and clip standup comedy bits.....please include the setup to the joke, the plateau......the punchline.....the whole darn thing. I tried listening to your link'd version of Chad Daniels "Footprints on the Moon" to my friends on Facebook. The way you have the bits edited and shortened does not make the jokes even funny.... IT makes the man sound HORRIBLE. How can you expect people to laugh at a joke that has no set up, no lead in.....just a punchline.......That's like expecting people to listen to music which has no lyrics or reason just a constant hook over and over......oh wait that IS music in todays age......anyhow off topic...EITHER link the entire standup OR ONLY offer a link to listen to the entite standup of comedians. Snippets here and there of a couple jokes just makes them sound dumb and not funny. You absolutely doing yourselves a disservice by doing this. 

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