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Starred playlist not opening on web player

Starred playlist not opening on web player

On Chrome and FIrefox on Windows 7, I can't open my starred playlist. When I open it, it will show me the pictures of the first 4 songs, but the song list will not display. If I choose the 'play' button, it will start playing through this playlist anyway.


The cause of this issue is as follows:


First I get this JavaScript error when I try to view my starred playlist at 


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'timestamp' of undefined
at Array.sort (native)
at f.<anonymous> (
at c.Callback.apply (
at f.setDone (
at f.e (
at SpotifyApi._requestReply (


The line that causes the error is this: 


var c = a.attributes.timestamp || a.index, d = b.attributes.timestamp || b.index, e = d - c;


In one case, the variable 'a' does not have a property called 'attributes', and therefore also has no timestamp, which causes the error. The state of the variable at that moment is as follows:




Setting a breakpoint at this point and modifying this particular instance and assign it a new 'attributes' object with some random timestamp inside of it fixes everything.


I do not believe I have ever added this song to my starred list. I believe at some point (probably ages ago), one song got replaced with this song and caused all of this. I can probably remove this song from my playlist to fix it, but I'll leave it for now so it can be looked at.



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