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Starred songs sorting

Starred songs sorting

I used to be able to sort my songs in my starred playlist according to the date I added them but not anymore and it's very annoying because now to find my recently starred, I have to scroll down thousands of songs. Is this feature still available?

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Hey @denisealiba - what device are you using?


You should be able to still rearrange songs in a playlist (on desktop) by going to the calendar icon, clicking it a few times to rearrange it either descending or ascending. If you click it a third time, it'll revert to it's custom layout that you've set for it.


To find this function on a mobile, go into a playlist, scroll up, and hit the ☰ icon next to the internal serach bar. Then, you'll see the options to 'Sort By'. Sorting it by 'Recently Added' will put them in chronological order and you'll be able to find those recent additions.


At least, that's how it looks on iPhone from my end. I presume Android might have the same layout, if that's what you're using. 


I think it's also the same on a tablet, if that's what you're using.


Spotify has a bit more info about sorting and filtering songs on it's support website here.

I hope this helps you!

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