Steven Wilson albums not aviable

Steven Wilson albums not aviable

Hello Spotify and others!


10 days ago I recived a message saying that 3 albums by Steven Wilson now was aviable on Spotify.

But the albums doesn't appear on his Spotify profile and the album "Cover Version" you've linked to opens, but all the songs are gray and it comes up with a message saying "this song is not aviable".


I hope you can help me or explain this to me.


Best regards


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Hello @JeppeDK, welcome to the community!


Every song has to be licensed to be streamed on Spotify, once Spotify can gain the rights to a certain song/album it can be added to the catalog, here is more information 🙂 You can suggest songs to Spotify here, but this does not guarantee it will become available on Spotify in the future. if it is available somewhere such as iTunes, you can add it as a local file to Spotify and sync it with the Spotify app, here is more information on that.

Hope this helped 🙂

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Whats a Spotify Rock Star?

I just assumed that the message from Spotify, about the albums being aviable, would mean that they now were able to hear?

Hi, Steven Wilson albums have been made available in the meantime, however, one of them (Grace for Drowning) exists but has no playable song in it. Database issue?



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