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Still having issues sharing to Instagram Stories

Still having issues sharing to Instagram Stories

  • Plan
  • Premium Family
  • Country
  • USA
  • Device
  • LG G6
  • Operating System
  • Android 8.0.0
  • My Question or Issue
  • So I'm still having major issues when trying to share a track from Spotify to Instagram Stories. I thought I had fixed it in the past but it only worked once. Today I looked & the option wasn't there. I cleared both cache & data from the Spotify app and uninstalled it I did the same thing for the Instagram app. I then reinstalled Spotify and reinstalled Instagram. I logged into Instagram and went to share the Spotify song again and the option still wasn't there. I logged out of Instagram and cleared the cache and data. I logged out of Spotify and cleared the cache and data. I re-logged into Spotify. I went to the share song and low and behold the "Share to Instagram Stories" option showed. I clicked took me to my Instagram app where I logged in. After logging in nothing happened. I went back to the Spotify app to try again and the "Share to Instagram Stories" option no longer showed. I logged into a different Instagram account. Still nothing. I repeated the process of clearing cache and data on both apps, uninstalling and re-installing and this time no matter what I tried I couldn't get the option to show. This is seriously ridiculous! If you're going to offer a new feature and promote it make sure it will work for all accounts first. This feature was released over a year ago and it seems tons of people are still experiencing issues. You've got to either fix this or remove it as an option from everyone so specific customers don't feel singled out. If someone FROM SPOTIFY could respond with a fix or solution it would be greatly appreciated. 
1 Reply

Hey @froppo,


If reinstalling both apps doesn't provide a stable solution, we suggest that you get in touch with Instagram in order to find out why the option is not there. They'll be the best folks to help you out. 


All the best!

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