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 Is there any way to remove people from "following" you on Spotify? I am like a lot of people and HATE this kind of stuff. I actually think it is seriously creepy and a form of stalking. I know I can set things to private so that they can see nothing from me, but it still seriously bothers me. Especially because I think the ones who have followed me are just wanna be artists that are just looking for people to follow them, like people looking for "likes" on Facebook. And more so I find their music completely offensive and against my beliefs. So I definetly do not wish to see them on my profile. I had joined Spotify just to listen to music. I am not a big social media junky and although I do have Facebook I next to not use it compaired to most and I do not have any other of the social media accounts, minus Youtube, which I also barely use. Thi syncing thing and being told what I should like, who I should stalk AKA "follow" what I should listen to has gotten completely out of control and it is like no one is allowed to be their own person anymore. Could you at the very least just make an option to allow followers or not. Just like Facebook allows you to choose? 

God Bless 

Tess Stanhope

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Hi. Unfortunately there is no "blocking" option yet like in facebook. So far in Spotify everybody is free to follow anybody with any restriction. Also you can unfollow profiles and deselect the friend feed option for you not to see what other people are listening to. Spotify is developing new features during the year, maybe this could be like a new idea that can be posted on the forum if is not already posted. I'm not sure what is the path on the social for Spotify, maybe they can lean towards a twitter alike thing....

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