Stop Hulu **bleep** from Spotify

Stop Hulu **bleep** from Spotify


I subscribed to Hulu when it was still Hulu Plus (Hulu Plus Commercials as I called it). I unsubscribed as I hadn't have time to watch Hulu much (I even gave them free money when I didn't use the service and still paid).


I finally unsubscribe from all Hulu emails and Hulu complies.


Until Spotify starts emailing on behalf of Hulu. Three months  for 99¢. I am deleted. Again. Deleted. FINAL OFFER. Deleted. FINAL OFFER again. LAST CHANCE. Ok, now I'm considering leaving Spotify.


I go to Spotify's contact "Contact Us" and I'm sent here.


When someone says LAST CHANCE they should live up to that.


I'm not asking for much, but please STOP the Hulu messages. I love Spotify. Don't make me hate Spotify too.


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