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Stop playing rape songs

Stop playing rape songs

Was listining to Bob Marley to relax.  Spotify played - Sublimes - Date rape.  1 in 4 women are reported sexually assult survivors.  I know that actually number to much higer and closer to 4 out of 4.  Why play that song at all?  I don't need to hear a man singing about date rape during my time to relax.  Have some empathy and respect for women spotify.  Yes I know it is an anti rape song but it still is hard to hear.  Women do not need men songs about rape as they relax in their living rooms.  Also sublime is a bad bad and in no way comparable to Bob Marley. 

2 Replies

This would be censorship. Spotify does not censor music.
You are free to choose what you listen to, and it's not for you to decide what music other people may enjoy.
Also many women, myself included don't have an issue with this song.

Thanks for reaching out to a rape survivor sayingI need to be quiet. I did
chose who to listen to and it was Bob Marley. Hope you have a great day.
End rape culture. Stop being complicit.

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