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Stops working after advert






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Irrespective of device, whenever  I start playing any album or playlist. Spotify freezes after an advert is playing - In this case The Clash Documentary.  It does not matter wich device or group I am listening on.  Spotify then feezes and I cant rewind or play any new tricks.




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Hey @maytree39, help's here. 


If we understand you correctly, this happens after all ads and across all devices. If so, let's try a couple of things:

  • Restart your router
  • Make sure to play the ad in front of you, so you see it, and don't hide it somehow. See if that works out better.
  • Connect to another network
  • Make sure you don't have any ad blockers enabled

Keep us posted!

I am also having same problem with Clash advertising just will not clear down, I've re installed, logged in n out, upgraded to premium and still only get Clash advertising!!!!

Have just re set my Google mini and all working fine once again!!! Maybe worth a try if casting to another device

Hi, It’s not working for me, I’ve restarted everything, now I cant get past one song before The Clash trailer plays, then freezes again

Same, except mine is always after the Jet2Citybreak advert

I had the same problem with the Clash advert.  I switched off my router for a while and then tried again.  First time, the Clash advert played again.  I then left it overnight and the next day it was fine - no Clash advert any more.

Hey @maytree39 and @Diddyvix,


Thanks for getting back to us.


We'd like to find out if this is account related. Do you have the chance to try a different account? A friend or family members for example.


Let us know what the result is.


Have a nice day!

I tried to "Like" and "Me too" this, but the buttons aren't working. This is happening to me—Windows 10, Chrome. I have to close the tab and open a new one.

I have exactly the same issue on both PC (Chrome via webplayer) and on my Google Home. It crashes after ads, not every ad but frequently. In the webplayer this can be solved by closing and reopening the tab, on the Google Home you can't play any more Spotify until the next day.


Surely you must have a fix for this by now?

Mine is nose doing this too.  I don’t use it everyday.  When i do its on in the background and eventually I notice its stopped playing.  Which I when i see on my Google Home Display that it stuck on an advert.

I have 3 Google Mini's in my home. The main one in the living room is stuck on the "Fuze Tea" advert (the most annoying advert ever).  I can play through the other 2 speakers fine, just the one is stuck (on the same account). All 3 are linked and if I try to play through the "home" group the liveing room speaker is still stuck on the advert. It will play Spotify through the TV fine but as soon as I switch to the speaker it is stuck. Rebooting the speaker doesn't help, it is still stuck. Radio plays fine on the speaker. Please sort out this problem.


This previously seemed to have been sorted for my home hub, as my earlier reply stated.  It started happening again, though.  I switched the playlists on my PC, restarted Spotify on my home hub, and it started playing again without the advert.  I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but it is worth trying.

I'm surprised this isn't higher priority. Using just the web player, if you get one of these adverts, and you don't catch it in time and close the tab - the neverending javascript that's running will leak memory until your computer is unusable and you'll have to hard reset. It's happened in Chrome, Firefox Stable and Nightly for me without adblocking.

Same thing for me.  I've got a google home mini and from time to time (but certainly more than once a day) it just stops playing after an advert.  

When it stops I can open the spotify app on my phone and see the advert displayed with the progress at 30s (so it's finished playing) but I can't make it go away without killing the app and restarting it.

Same problem for me on my Google Home Mini. I can play music on the PC ok (though it does sometimes freeze there too when showing an advert). My Google Home just plays the carphone warehouse ad and then freezes. Even if I try to choose the playlist using the PC it still won't play anything.

I have tried restarting the Google Home a couple of times but it just comes back to exactly the same advert.


edit: I tried unlinking my spotify account on the home mini and then logging in again but i'm still getting exactly the same advert and then no music so it seems to be a spotify account problem?


edit2: It seems to have fixed itself now after about 12 hours of not working. I tried a few times during the day but always just got that advert and nothing after. Could have been some bad cached data that has now expired from the cache and allowed it to continue.

The same issue happens also to me.

Spotify on my home hub stops playing / freezes during some adverts, and only thing I can do is restart the home hub.


I tried changing Spotify account, resetting router, hard reset of the home hub. If I reset it works for few hours, after that freezes after  every advert again.

Been a few weeks now and is becoming really in usable.

Contacted Google support multiple times but they said is with Spotify.



Funny thing I noticed now


When I cast the Spotify from my phone to the Hub

when comes out an  AD and frezes ( in my case Squarespace AD), I go on my phone I click on that  AD but I get sent to another page (an Oppo Advert page in my case) !

Don't know if this mixup is connected


Can anyone else try clicking on the advert on the phone, and see what happens?

This was bugging my app on windows 10. Freezing during or after ads every 30 mins.


I realised I had an ad blocked on one of my vpn set ups. Disabled this and works now but not so convenient.


Hey there all,


Thanks for reaching out! Let's try a bit more troubleshooting steps. 


Let us know what happens after you try:


  1. A clean reinstall (more effective than a quick reinstall).
  2. Playing Spotify in Web Player or on a different device.
  3. Check if the PC drivers are updated.
  4. Try running Spotify in Safe Mode. 
  5. Check the Firewall settings.
  6. Try a different network.
  7. Check your host files.

If these don't work, list all the steps you've tried so far and let us know your Spotify version.


​​​​​​​Keep us posted! 

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