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Storage location

Storage location


I have subscribed to spotify Premium. when I download the playlists, music is stored in the device (tablet samsung) but I would like it is stored on the external sd card. How dan I cgange the default storage file?


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It was a while since a had a android device so it could have charged. But what i remember there is no way to change the storage location of your offline playlists.

Someone will hopefully correct me if i'm wrong.
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What android version are you using? Spotify automatically selects the external SD card for cache storage as long as it has more space than the internal storage.

It is version 4.1.1

I have 1.97 on thr device and 1.89 on the sd card. Do yiu think that if I use a 4 gb sd cwrd, the jusic will be stored hy default on the sd card as there is more space available?


As I said, it won't use the external SD card unless there is more free space on it so, either freeing up space on the existing card or using a larger card then reinstalling spotify will remove the existing cache and start it using the external card to store music.

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