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Stream Keeps Cutting Out

Stream Keeps Cutting Out

I had been using the free version of Spotify and noticed that the stream kept getting interrupted (pausing). At first you'd assume a bandwidth issue my end. Unlikely as I am in a City and have a consistent 10mb connection.


Anyway to be sure I tried a well known UK competitor beginning with D and there was no issue streaming from them.


Must be the free service? So I upgraded to unlimited, still getting an interrupted stream!


I followed the uninstall and cache clearing procedure, the reinstalled and still no joy.


Currently I have a Spotify account that is unlistenable (if that is such a word) and I am having to use D(UK) in the meantime.



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I don't know if this is the same problem that I'm having but I'm on the free version of Spotify and some of my recently plays songs/artists and stuff sometimes don't play while others are fine. Then when I log out and back in some of them that used to play don't play anymore and some of the ones that wasn't working are working. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it seems to work fine for all of them until I finish a full song then I check back and some of them don't work again. Any help with this pls? 

Sorry, I ditched Spotify for jango. It's been much better.

What's the that? I'm in the USA and I have never heard of it

Free music streaming. I'm in the US too so it should work just fine for

The past 24 hours I have had songs pause randomly, then maybe start up 10-15 seconds later. This would be annoying, but ok, if not for the fact that I can barely make it through a song now without it pausing for a few moments and then skipping to the next one. 


This is just a week after Spotify not being able to work for 30 minutes at a time for no reason I could find.


The first 4 songs I tried listening to ended up automatically skipping before the end of the song this morning. Then sometimes when I try to click a song to play, it plays a completely different song from my playlist instead of the one I click. 


Currently, I am using the web player on Windows 7. I am not a premium user, though I have wanted to sign up but just have not done it yet. My worry is that if I end up giving my money for this service but the problems will just continue. I don't feel like throwing my money away, and it's extremely worrying to me that I search these problems and come across threads on here 5+ years old with no real solutions. How is it that Spotify support doesn't know what these problems are or how to fix them without a bunch of random and awful tech support questions? I'm just waiting to see if someone tells me to unplug my computer and really go full I.T. Crowd. 

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