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Streams Payments

Streams Payments

I would love to see Spotify as leader in the streaming world make it where all musicians who are receiving streams are paid the same rate whether they are a major label act or an independent diy musician because I think there is no difference in the musicians who record in million dollar studios to the band that records in there garage it took both artist time and money to create those recordings because in any other industry employees are paid the same rate across the board for doing the exact same job but for some reason in the music industry the major artist is paid more than the independent artist why?

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Hi, I have a single named Let'em Talk that I want to make sure it  is on the artist side of Spotify, and not the subscriber side of Spotify. I also signed up for premium spotify, but I think it was on the subscriber side.I want to make sure I did this correctly, and I want to search for how much I have on the payment side already on the site.

Thanks! Brian Turner *snip*, or *snip*




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