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Stuck on Spotify logo SAMSUNG SMART TV

Stuck on Spotify logo SAMSUNG SMART TV



This app worked fine on my TV for a while but now when I go onto it, it just freezes on a screen with the spotify logo and nothing loads. Have tried re-installing the app, resetting my UE48JU6000 to factory settings, rebooting TV, resetting Smart HUB settings too but still stuck on spotify logo.


Recently I contacted Spotify support to create a new account with the same username, my old account was created with facebook, everything was migrated to the new account and what I think its happening is that the app is still trying to log in to the old account but unfortunatly doesnt let me do anything, I cant log out or anything.


My TV firmware is up to date as well as spotify app.


thank you


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I logged in to spotify on web and went to my account.. clicked to logout from everywhere just in case.. and linked my account facebook to my new account and fixed the issue. the issue was what I thought.. the app was trying to log in to my old spotify's fb account and wouldnt let me log out or log in because of the screen would just show spotify logo.


its FIXED now.

I'm also having this issue. I always have to unplug my TV from the energy before I run Spotify, otherwise i get stucked at the initial black screen.


I think when I turn off my TV and unplug it, there is a cache reset or something...


This is very frustrating because when I contact Spotify, they tell me to contact Samsung... When I contact Samsung, they tell me to contact Spotify, and no one solves this issue...

I've done everything. Reset smart hub and reset my TV all together since that has worked for others. (I can't uninstall the app because it comes standard with my TV) And it is still stuck on the Spotify screen with 3 black dots. This is rediculous and half of the reason I even subscribed to the premium. I've had my TV since December 2016, and this app worked for about 3 months. After that? Never again.

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